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Social Firm Development

The Social Firm Business Development Team consists of a highly skilled group of professionals from the business sector committed to helping create accessible workplaces for people with a mental illness or disability.

Workplace Support

Since 2008, SoFA has been providing workplace supports consultancy services to the employees and managers of Social Firms, social enterprise and general workplaces. The services provided are specifically focused on the needs of employees with mental illness including common disorders like anxiety and depression as well as more significant mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder.

Research and Evaluation

SoFA is committed to increasing the evidence base in best practice employment supports for people with a mental illness. SoFA works in partnership with many organisations in its research and evaluation program.

Partnerships with Industry

The Partnerships with Industry Project has been developed to assist social firms increase their capacity and consequently employment opportunities for their clients by encouraging business and government to purchase services from or award contracts to social firms.

It is estimated that mental illness led to about 4.7 million absentee days a year in Victoria, of which 80% was due to mental illness such as depression and anxiety. This equated to about a $660 million yearly loss to the Victorian economy.
The Boston Consulting Group’s 2006 report for the Victorian
"Seeing what people gain from just having a job – and how much their health improves keeps me motivated and excited."
Social firm manager
“People unemployed or not in the paid workforce had the highest rates of mental disorder, a prevalence rate of 26% for unemployed men and 34% for unemployed women, compared with prevalence rates of 15.1% for men and 14.7% for women in full-time paid employment .”
Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). (2008). A

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